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Amazon Temple

This design comes from the very end of 1998, after I had picked up an early Amazon set.

In the foreground of the picture is a tomb housing the temple's guardians. The rock hiding the tomb has been swung back. Baron von Barron and his cronies are about to brave the rope bridge (an idea I read about once on RTL). The fearsome entrance to the temple proper awaits on the far side of a raging river...

Once inside the temple itself wait a variety of traps, including a number of spears swinging on arms. Johnny Thunder, in his rush to enter the tomb before the despoilers, is about to spring this trap in the second photo.

The third photo shows the temple's idol with its mysterious eternal orange and green flames. A jewel waits on the pedestal in front, but will Johnny Thunder realize the pedestal is weighted so any movement there will launch a pair of spears right over it?

Egyptian Temple

This was an attempt to build a semi-accurate Egyptian temple. The approach to the temple is marked by a pair of obelisks and rows of jackals. The temple's pylon is punctured by an opening for sunlight.

Inside the temple is a hall of columns, lit by a clerestory. Off to the side, behind a concealed door, is a tomb cut into natural rock. This would be an unusual feature in such a temple...

I built this in April or May of 1998. It was never truly finished.

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