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Orbital Guardian and Launcher

This design comes from late 1998 or sometime in 1999.

The Aquanauts have realized the key to their survival is air and orbital superiority, and have begun building a fleet of submarines which can surface and launch ships into orbit.

The top photo shows the sub in its normal cruising mode.

The second photo shows it surfaced and readying for takeoff. The two smaller subs have detached to guard the perimeter and the rear missle launcher is raised. Two sets of twin lasers on the Orbital Guardian can also defend the vessel at this critical time.

In the third photo, the Orbital Guardian has been raised to takeoff position. Its wingtips are fully extended and the crew is prepared for takeoff. The sub's decks have been cleared and the Orbital Guardian will soon be launched.

Combat Sub 1

This sub has a smaller detachable sub at the front and two single-person aquascooters for exploration. A Stingray fighter is nestled in the underside of the main sub, ready to detach and defend the vessel at a moment's notice. With a complement of five railguns--two along the body, two at wingtip, and one extremely versatile one at the end of the tail, the Stingray is a formidable foe. Thrusters on the wingtips also make it extremely maneuverable.

This design predates the Lego Stingrays, but I don't remember exactly when I built it.

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